TB Exchange
TB Exchange
  • Based on growth of previous Geowoodstock’s, we are expecting several thousand trackables through the Travel Bug Area at GeoWoodstock. To accommodate this level of activity in a fairly short period, the following guidelines will be used.

Travel Bugs and Trackables

GeoWoodstock Travel Bug Guidelines

There will be no registering of TB numbers into or out of the Travel Bug area.

It is the responsibility of the cacher who logged the TB/coin into the event to either drop it at the TB area or pass it on to another cacher. It is also the responsibility of the cacher who retrieves the TB/coin to log it properly in a timely manner.

As the owner of a TB or coin dropped into the event, it is up to you to contact the person who plans to bring your TB/coin about any concerns you may have.

Everyone trading trackables is asked to:

  1. Put the individual TBs into a ziploc baggie (replace if in bad shape)
  2. Print out the bug sheet for each TB, insert into baggie
  3. Put a small slip of paper inside the baggie and Give it one of several mission labels listed below for ease ofsorting – WHERE the TB WANTS TO GO!! If it wants a particular state, list that as well.
  4. You will receive 1 ticket for each TB you bring there will be NO prize raffle, this will allow you to take thesame number of TB’s during the day on Saturday until 3 pm.
  5. As you leave the TB area, you will be asked to turn in 1 ticket for each TB you are taking.
  6. Those not having brought TB’s will get the opportunity to pick up a limited number TB’s after 3:30pm on Saturday until all TB’s are dispensed.
  7. DISCOVER LOGS of TB’s in the TB area will be discouraged due to the high volume of TBs and cachers
    expected. There will be a limited number of large TB’s set aside whose owners have requested Discover logs.

These will be available for pick up after 3pm on Saturday at the owner’s discretion.

Mission Labels

Use one of these for the small slip of paper to insert into the ziploc bag in step #3 above.

AW – No specific mission / task For bugs that can basically go anywhere to complete a mission, or have none at all.
Please list in 1-2 words the specific task, For example, Task – MLB parks.

States – Travel Bugs wishing to visit all 50 states, or lower 48 states

OHINKY – Travel Bugs wishing to Remain in Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky

SE – Southeast States – Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi

MA – Mid-Atlantic States – Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC

NE – North East States – Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York.

SC – South Central States – Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas

MW – Midwest States – Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois

NP – Northern Plains States – Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

SW – Southwest States – California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada

NW – Northwest States – Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska

CAN – Canada – Eastern Canada, Western Canada

EUA – Europe / Africa

PAC – Pacific regions – Hawaii, Asia, Australia

LAM – Latin America – Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America